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For Individuals

If you are experiencing Long COVID, or another long-term or chronic condition, we are glad you found us. Kinnected is inviting individuals who are experiencing Long COVID, or another long-term chronic condition, to become part of a wellness study.

Sign up if you seek a global community of health where you can increase your emotional resilience, develop agency, and discover solutions from other people experiencing similar and ongoing physical, emotional/mental and social symptoms. You can get started by filling out the form below.

For Clinical Scientists and Organizations

If you are studying Long COVID or other chronic conditions, we welcome you to help us build the evidence around patients sharing their lived experiences as a means of emotional and mental health support.

Kinnected is inviting organizations and clinicians looking for global partners to participate in assessing care innovation and wellness, along with proving the value of peer support alongside medical care for Long COVID and other long-term illnesses. For more information on how to participate or to request our Executive summary, fill out the form below.

Research Team

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Stephanie Hillman

Stephanie Hillman

Community Engagement


Stephanie Hillman, MNPL

Stephanie Hillman’s expertise is in marketing research, user experience, and healthcare. She has a BA from Concordia College and a Masters in Non-Profit Leadership from Seattle University. Stephanie created measurement systems at a pediatric hospital, a public hospital, and a high-tech company. She has training in human subjects’ protection, ethics, and conflict of interest. Her primary research projects improved marketing activities, patient and caregiver experiences, reduced inequities, and strengthened organizations. She and Rita Mangione-Smith, MD, MPH, built a program collecting quality of life and care experience data, which supported 20+ publications.

Recent projects include a qualitative study with children’s hospitals; in-depth-interviews on a hospital’s community relationships; and an organizational assessment of health equity and diversity initiatives. She proliferates best practices, centers work around community, and advocates for families to share experiences that illustrate health inequities and identify opportunities. Storytelling engages the hearts of decision makers, accelerates change, and results in support for underserved communities. Stephanie brings lived experiences into projects and influences people to do better.

Suzanne Morrissey

Suzanne Morrissey

Director Of Medical Anthropology


Suzanne Morrisey, PhD

Suzanne Morrissey received her BA in Anthropology from SUNY Oswego and her MA and PhD in Anthropology with a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies from Syracuse University. Dr. Morrissey is on faculty at Whitman College, where she teaches Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Studies (Gender Studies and Race & Ethnic Studies) and advises students who are interested in the health professions.

Her long-term interests and work have been in maternal and child health, chronic illness, integrative medicine, public health program evaluation, and applied ethnography. Since 1998, she has evaluated public health projects in infant mortality, smoking cessation, and HIV/AIDS. In 2010, Dr. Morrissey was supported by a Fulbright Distinguished Scholars award to conduct research in Ontario, Canada, on the uses of complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine by patients with multi-symptom chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia. Her current research is with the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA) where she assesses patient and provider experiences, practices for a safe care environment, and community acupuncture as a social justice movement.

Sara Little

Sara Little



Sara Little

Sara Little is an Anthropology-Environmental Studies major at Whitman College and has completed multiple courses in social science research methods, including foundational courses in physical and cultural anthropology, sociology, archaeology, and linguistic anthropology. She has been exposed to research design, data collection, and analysis through reviewing and synthesizing scholarly works as well as through her own applied projects. Sara has taken courses in critical theoretical studies and activism (gender studies, race and ethnic studies, and social justice), and will be able to apply frameworks around identity, stigma, embodiment, affect, power, and inequality to understand how health systems have the potential to both constrain and liberate bodies.

As an Anthropology-Environmental Studies major, Sara focuses on connections: people and nature, institutions and individuals, and the body and mind. Sara is interested in how environmental injustices and degradation affect people’s health across different times and places. Kinnected offers a platform to explore these connections further and an opportunity to dive into the complexity of healthcare disparities in different communities.

More about Kinnected

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Kinnected is a health platform with features structured around trust, social interdependence, and a way to truly live and care for one another. It is a dedicated space to improve our own health, and to collaborate with others, globally, on social, emotional and physical health conditions and solutions.

Kinnected is run by a team of creators, developers, and cultural researchers with the goal of offering a free and diverse public health community that nurtures and supports all people and health professionals equitably.

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Are you an individual experiencing Long COVID or another chronic condition, or are you a clinician or organization studying Long COVID or other chronic condition?

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Are you interested in joining Kinnected’s Wellness study?

Are you a clinician or organization studying Long COVID?

Are you a clinician or organization studying other long-term or chronic conditions?

Are you interested in partnering with Kinnected’s Wellness study?

Not ready to participate in a study? You can also join Kinnected as a member. Tell your story, collaborate with your peers, and build a dedicated place for your self-health on the Kinnected platform.