Megan Haas


Megan HaasMegan Haas comes from a family of explorers and innovators whose ideas and actions have shaped her own. Growing up she was immersed in several world-wide communities with strong social, cultural and creative values, and as a result has modeled her life and work around both developing healthy community and growing from it.

At age fifteen, as a serious gymnast, Megan was diagnosed with sudden onset scoliosis. A seven-pound, fourteen-inch, stainless steel rod was attached to her spine, giving her gravity and allowing her to grow and develop healthily. The intention and inquiry that drives Megan as a person and in business reflects a similar theme: How do we harness the firm, unyielding, and solid part of something, with strength, flexibility, and an intuitive, gentle intelligence? 

In the last 20 years, Megan has spent time developing original companies that allow creative relationship-building to collaborate with high standards in business. 

Megan’s motivation to develop an original online health community has taken shape over the past 12 years. Kinnected is based on the need for a healthy online culture where people can establish new and healthy narratives, recognize what it means to flourish, and to authentically connect and collaborate. 

Riah Gonzalez

Outreach Coordinator

Rhia Gonzalez

Riah has worked for more than 11 years in healthcare and administration, as well as leadership. Riah has seen first-hand the differences that access to adequate healthcare and related information can make. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Riah has volunteered for years in healthcare clinics so that patients can properly communicate their symptoms and healthcare providers can prescribe appropriate care.

As Outreach Coordinator, Riah hopes to equalize the healthcare playing field by literally taking the tools of Kinnected to the public here, in the US and globally. From interacting with her local community members in transitional housing to track their health; to being part of a global campaign to connect our friends and neighbors across borders through technology.

When not wrangling three girls and running her own business, Riah can be found in her community making people smile whenever possible.

Madhu Singh

General Counsel

Madhu SinghMadhu is in her element working side by side with CEOs and businesses crafting legal solutions that fit the needs, vision and values of today’s growing companies. She is particularly interested in the emerging intersections of technology, new media and business law and enjoys helping companies navigate the front lines of these fast-developing areas.

Madhu holds a number of community positions that allow her to share her knowledge and passion with others. Madhu is Adjunct Faculty Lead at the Community Development and Entrepreneurship Clinic at Seattle University School of Business and School of Law and President of the Women’s Business Exchange.

Seeking to make a positive impact in our community, Madhu also spends her time speaking at CLEs for attorneys, advising at micro-enterprise clinics, providing pro-bono services for nonprofits, serving on nonprofit boards and hosting free seminars for local businesses on business topics including contracts, intellectual property and social media.

When she’s not busy working, teaching, blogging and networking, Madhu is a mother of two and enjoys time with her family and makes time to enjoy the diverse sights, sounds and tastes the Seattle area has to offer.

Evelyn Dickinson

Technical Director

Evelyn DickinsonEvelyn began working with computers at an early age. While enrolled in the University of South Florida’s computer engineering program, she was a campus representative for Commodore Computers U.S.A.

Evelyn founded The Logical Alternative in 1992 and began her career as a consultant, network engineer and developer. Areas of expertise include the Microsoft .NET and Linux LAMP development environments, high availability secure network design, business process analysis and ERP systems.

As the former Chief Information Officer of billion-dollar retailer Lazydays RV, she also has considerable experience in professional IT project management.

Recent projects include development of a build-your-own Avatar viral social media project for Microsoft for the Rio 2016 Olympic games, a dealership inventory management system for the automotive industry, unique web-based presentation technology, a dynamic survey and reporting system for the National School Climate Center, a custom time tracking system for a staffing company, content-managed web sites for a number of small to medium businesses, and a complete affiliate web-based business solution for the funeral industry.

Evelyn’s favorite past-times include cooking vegetarian and vegan food, practicing yoga, dancing to live music, and playing a mean game of pool.

Melissa Dickinson

Creative Director

Melissa has worked in the graphic design and user experience field for 27 years. She has strong roots in print and environmental design, but for the last 20 years, most of her creative experience has focused on interactive design.

Since 1992, she and her wife have owned and operated a boutique consulting company providing outsourced IT, branding, and communications services for countless small, medium, and large businesses. This has given her the opportunity to design unique complex visual and interactive solutions. Some of these include: a series of learning kiosks and websites for the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, a personalized interactive Diabetes Advisor app developed for GlaxoSmithKline, a membership-based video and discussion support group site for the parents of transgender kids, a remote learning system for Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, as well as numerous mobile and desktop websites and apps. She is particularly invested in designing systems of communication for non-profits and socially-conscious small business owners.

When not managing a housing co-op in Seattle or spending time with her family, Melissa loves reading about history, writing, hiking in the woods, spending time with animals of all kinds, and making remix music videos.

Melanie Grimes 

Editor, Advisor, and Pioneer 

Melanie GrimesMelanie Grimes began studying herbs before she learned to drive. Her passion for plants and medicine grew to focus on homeopathy after meeting Dr. John Bastyr and becoming one of the early students at National College of Naturopathic Medicine. Following this, she spent twenty-five years editing homeopathic journals, including co-founding The American Homeopath, Journal of the North American Association of Homeopaths. She has lectured around the world, been adjunct professor at Bastyr University, and developed numerous new homeopathic remedies that have been added to the homeopathic repertory. She has taught at the American Medical College of Homeopathy, Seattle School of homeopathy, and lectured internationally.
Melanie is also an award-winning screenwriter, author of “Dr. John Bastyr, Philosophy and Practice” and has been published by Penguin Putnam.
Her other interests include rowing crew, spinning wool, swimming in summer lakes, picking raspberries, and dining with friends.
The mission of Kinnected aligns with Melanie’s own goals and hopes for ensuring that healthcare is available to everyone, and helping people take control of their own wellbeing.
Melanie is especially interested in healthy aging, preventing chronic disease, staying fit with modifications, and helping others deal with loss of loved ones.