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Join the Network

Welcome to Kinnected’s health network, where practitioners can both connect and collaborate with members and other practitioners around the world.

How do I get started?

You’re in the right place. First, look at some examples:

Next, gather the files you’ll need to upload. Photos should be well-lit and in focus. JPG files are preferred. Please make sure all images are license-free, or that you own the copyright.

You’ll need a minimum of:

  1. A picture of any licenses or certifications you have. 
  2. A profile picture. 
  3. One more additional picture. This image will be used for the top part of your profile card on your profile page and in search results. Horizontal images work best. Suggested images are a photo of yourself in a natural setting, somewhere you like to spend time, or something that’s important to you. To see examples, click here. 
  4. You will have the chance to upload additional pictures if you wish.

Finally, get ready to tell your story!

  • Tone: Your writing should be personal and clear. The more you share about yourself the more people will understand your unique perspective. 
  • Edits: Please edit your profile carefully before submitting. While we will soon have the functionality for you to edit your profile yourself, this is not yet available.

Got your files? Ready to start telling your story?

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome and provide a meeting ground for all health guides whose study, research, innovation and practice places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide. Global health involves many disciplines within and beyond the health sciences.

Fill out a Practitioner Profile! Your profile will give members and colleagues an in-depth feel for who you are as a person, as well as a practitioner. The more holistically you write about your experience of health, the more easily members and colleagues will identify you as a good fit.

They will contact you directly, via your phone number, website address, or physical address. It’s important to include at least one of these pieces of information.

While we still ask for a contact address, you can choose not to display it on your profile.

The first year is free for our first two hundred practitioners. After that, our pricing is on a sliding scale. We strive to make membership accessible to practices of all sizes.

Yes. All practitioners on Kinnected must also be members. Any time you’re interacting with another Kinnected member on the site, they will see an icon next to your name indicating that you’re a health care practitioner. 

No. We don’t allow solicitation. However, each conversation on Kinnected offers the chance for the user to check out your profile if they’re curious to know more about you.

Ratings are not yet live for our members, but they will be, soon! Stay tuned for further developments.

Welcome to Kinnected
Laura Blinkhorn, Primary Care Physician at Neighborcare Health—Seattle, WA United States